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Oakland County has beautiful and diverse people, world-class schools,
a high-tech economy, and pristine lakes, rivers, and streams, but we face a crossroads 
as we embark on our 200th year.


We have challenges, like overcoming a global pandemic and seizing
this historic opportunity for gender and racial equity in our County
and our Country.


On Day One as Oakland County Executive, we will achieve immediate, measurable results towards: leading us out of the COVID-19 crisis and into a stronger, healthier future for our residents and our small businesses; providing women, People of Color and African Americans in particular with a life free of discrimination in pay, work, housing and safety; and, growing the pie of our economy through regional collaboration and construction of the regional transit system that has eluded us for too long. 


I’m Andy Meisner: husband, father, servant, leader, and I’m grateful for the privilege of serving Oakland County as State Representative and as Treasurer over 10 years. I’m a proven heavyweight fighter for our progressive values and I have a 100% pro-Choice, pro-racial justice, pro-environment and pro-labor record of getting real results, like writing Michigan’s stem cell research law to help expand treatments and cures for MS, juvenile diabetes and Parkinson’s and writing our drug court law to remove people struggling with mental illness and addiction from our criminal justice system and place them into treatment.


As Treasurer, I won’t back down from any fight to protect Oakland County families and taxpayers. That’s why I battled mortgage giants Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac with a first-in-the-nation lawsuit to hold these corporations accountable, and why I fight foreclosure so aggressively, helping tens of thousands of families save their homes.


And as your next County Executive, I won’t back down from any fight to protect Oakland County. I’m asking for your vote for Oakland County Executive in 2020 because I know our best days are ahead.


Oakland County, our future is now! Let’s build it in a way we can all be proud of for the next 200 years. I’m asking for your vote for Oakland County Executive in the Democratic Primary this August 4th and for the chance to keep fighting for our future



I want to hear from you, Oakland County! Take our brief survey so we can start the conversation.

Thanks for your input!


The experiences of my life have shaped who I am and my values, and I’ve used that and countless conversations to create a progressive vision for Oakland County that expands equity, equality, and opportunity for all as we embark on Oakland County’s next 200 years.



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